Wellness and natural beauty

Welcome to a meeting between your ESSENTIA and your day by day disconnection…

All my in cabin rituals are a quest of your internal balance using customized techniques, mi intuition as a professional and atention, all together with Karicia, natural and healthy cosmetics which produces a synergy creating a full and customized experience

Discover the treatments that I use to improve your wellness

Wellness and natural beauty

Home service

I also do my treatments at home service, do not hesitate to ask for further information.

I arrive 5-10 minutes before to accomodate the stretcher and all the toold that I will need for the session.

The basic rate is 75€ plus mileage. Contact me and I will inform you!

New rituals available with Lymphodrainer

In addition to my high-end rituals, we now also offer you the Lymphodrainer treatment.

It is a drainage device with glass suction cups. It is a non-invasive technique that contributes to the acceleration of the movement of liquids, stimulating the metabolism with a fast and totally safe action. It works effectively taking care of the natural structure of the epidermis.

This apparatus acts at the heart of cell regeneration.

The drainage it performs is very complete since it works at three levels, lymphatic, circulatory and energetic system.

With him I do both facial and body rituals

In Essentia I trust in Karicia products for my treatments

Karicia is 100% natural cosmetics with nutrients, aromes and textures that we can just find in the nature.