Discover here my tailor made rituals that combine body and face and will help you to feel better

Essentia Ritual

30′ neck and shoulders massage plus a 30′ facial express with natural products and the power of the pink quartz.

60 minutes – 70€

Foot and face reflexology ritual

30 ‘foot reflexology and 30’ facial reflexology

Treatment of reflexological points focused on the feet and the face, which offers a deep relaxation at an internal level. Treatment of different points that will purify and stimulate the different organs of the body.

60 minutes – 70€

Leg and feet ritual

Specific treatment for tired legs, with circulatory or fluid retention problems. I use phytoactives and special techniques which focus on these problems, all together with a relaxing feet massage attacking reflexological points, which will make you feel lighter and more rested.

60 minutes – 65€

7 chakras ritual

Relaxing and renewing treatment where the combination of gem therapy, Tibetan bowl and aromatherapy will give you an unique experience.

75 minutes – 70€

Indian head massage (Champi)

The Indian head massage also known as Champi (friction and pressure) or Shiro Abhyanga (head massage) is based on the practice of Ayurveda. With this treatment, vital points called Marmas are stimulated, these are important energy centers to balance body, mind and vital energy.
Suitable for the release of endorphins, eye tension, increases lymphatic and blood flow in the area as well as oxygen to the brain, excellent for migraines, headaches, insomnia problems, it also brightens the face and promotes the release of energy blocks and restores balance. and natural well-being.

45 minutes – 55€