Discover here the treatments that I can offer you in order to improve your body wellness

Relaxing aromatherapy massage

Relaxing treatament of the body where, thanks to the essential oils, you will disconnect from your day time

30 minutes – 35€

60 minutes – 60€

Decontracting massage

Deep pressing massage which works on areas with problems in order to help you feel lighter and more liberated.

30 minutes – 45€

60 minutes – 70€

Osteopathy fasciotherapy

Treatment indicated to correct injuries, loss of elasticity on the skin and muscles, restoring mobility and flexibility of muscles and improve your physical well-being.

60 minutes – 65€


It is a technique where with a sweet gesture from the therapist you can feel relaxed and liberated. It is applied to treat physical problems (such as back pain, migraines or digestive problems) as well as emotional ones (anxiety or depression). This method activates the parasympathetic system and activates the body’s self-healing process.

60 minutes 70€

Manual lymphatic drainage

Very subtle and relaxing manual treatment where, with waving movements, I help your body to stimulate the lymphatic system to carry the toxins to their waste deposits.

Very suitable for Pre or Post surgery and in cellulite reduction vouchers or for pregnant women.

60 minutes 60€

Body scrub

By applying a natural exfoliant to the body with energetic movements, dead cells will be shed and your skin will be renewed and nourished after hydration with natural products.

Highly reccomendated every season change.

60 minutes 65€

Lomilomi massage

Ancestral Hawaiian technique which uses a good quantity of aromatic oils that will transport you to a total relaxation where your mind will be able to disconnect and your skin will feel relaxed and nourished.

60 minutes 70€


After a free body diagnosis, the treatment is carried out with different wooden utensils that help fight edematous and fibrous cellulite, tired legs, abdomen… This is a non-invasive treatment carried out with noble materials and natural products that also helps to work on the inside.

Single session 60 minutes 50€

10 session voucher: 480€