Check here all my treatments to improve you facial wellness

Higiene Karicia

Treatment with organic products where after a deep customized cleaning to the state of your skin, you will end up relaxed and with renewed skin.

60 minutes – 70€

Japanese facial massage (Kobido)

The excellence of manual treatments with a Lifting effect where with ancestral techniques you will notice how your skin is smoother, and your expression wrinkles are reduced, working on the problems caused by the passage of time.

60 minutes – 60€

Chan Beauté

Multi reflexological facial treatment, where with handcrafter Vietnamese utensils I treat specific points and skin problems due to the pass of time.

60 minutes – 60€

Deep face lifting

Manual facial treatment where with slow and deep movements I try to relax the face and lift cheekbones; it also helps to reduce the wrinkles on the lips, eyes, forehead and treat tensions inside the mouth. This treatment will help you to offer a more relaxed and rejuvenated appearance.

Individual session 60 minutes 60€

Facial wood therapy

The facial wood therapy is reccomended for any beauty  or anti-stress treatment, whenever you want to rejuvenate or prevent aging! It produces a natural lifting effect. Its action is global and effects will be both internal and external, visible and perceptible from the first session.

It improves the texture and quality of the skin (more uniform, smooth, compact and luminous)

Fills aging and expressin wrinkles

Redensifies the extracellular matrix

Price: 60€

Facial lifting voucher offer: 4 sessions, 290€!